BTR on Soy Boy, Chorizo and 'Ocean's 8'

This was quite a week. We saw how deeply flawed our immigration system is and how genuinely racist our leaders are. Check out our guide to helping in the migrant crisis, which includes donation information and information on protests. Stay involved and stay angry.

In other news, our fitness writer dropped a bomb: women need carbs! Check out her latest story, this one on women’s fitness. Eat some toast while reading the rest of our picks from the week.

Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Image by Jeanette D. Moses

Our photoblogger swam down to Coney Island to party with Ariel and Flounder.

Just kidding! But she did go to the Mermaid Parade. Check out what she saw.

Ocean’s 8: In Defense of Women Standing and Talking

Screenshot of the trailer, Warner Bros.

“We didn’t see Ocean’s 11 to dissect its philosophical meaning or CGI sequences. We saw it to witness George Clooney talking to Brad Pitt while wearing sexy suits in various train platforms and hotels. We watch Ocean’s 8 to see Cate Blanchett lady-spread like the butch queen she was meant to be.”

Monday With A Side of Chorizo

Image by Devon Bristol Shaw

Our music writer partied with experimental punk rock groups like Chorizo, Crammm and Long Hots. “Drenched from getting caught in the rain in nothing but an X-large button up I was wearing as a dress (it was too hot for pants) I wasn’t prepared for the night ahead. I walked into Brooklyn’s beloved dive-bar Alphaville looking like a wet cat, but left feeling like an eager creature of the night.”

Alt-Right Terms Coming to a Fox News Broadcast Near You

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, via Flickr

One of our writers investigated some new language used by both white nationalists and Fox News. “Of course using a term that clowns liberals for their soy intake will kill with a Fox News audience. Even better if it comes from a dog-whistling, holier-than-thou white nationalist like Ingraham.”