BTR Exclusive: Premiering The March Divide’s “All I Want to do is Laugh” Video

Jared Putnam’s a road warrior. The San Antonio-based artist behind The March Divide has played over 100 shows in 2019 and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Putnam’s songwriting and performing career continues to wind and weave its way along the highways of America. And his new video for his bouncy acoustic guitar-driven track “All I Wanna Do is Laugh,” is dedicated to his belief in perpetual motion.

Directed by Hector Gallardo of Subharmonic City Productions and filmed in Blanco, TX, the “All I Wanna do is Laugh” video is a goofy and charming ode to perseverance in the face of adversity, a topic that’s close to Putnam’s heart.

“As hokey as it is, this video honestly portrays my experience in life and the music business,” Putnam said. You’ve just gotta get up and keep moving forward, no matter what knocks you down.”

The video opens with Putnam at the wheel of a white minivan, en route to a gig. When the engine fails, Putnam does what he always does: keep moving. After donning a headband and red sunglasses, he jogs to his destination. While he encounters obstacles ranging from car crashes to hostile teens, his indomitable spirit and idiosyncratic humor keeps him plugging along on the road.

“This song is my own personal anthem to all the haters,” he said. “While that might come off as petty or shallow, I think we all need one. I’m tired of letting myself feel insecure, based on the opinions of people that don’t even matter. I’m really making it work, and that’s more than just about any of them can say about themselves.”

Putnam is a prolific artist, with four full-lengths, several EPs, a string of cover tunes to his credit and the video embodies Putnam’s affable approach to grinding it out and hustling.

Look for Jared Putnam out on the road throughout 2019, no matter what tries to stand in his way.

Tour dates
08/09/2019: San Antonio, TX @ Southtown 101
08/10/2019: San Antonio, TX @ Freetail Brewing (Presa)
08/16/2019: Galveston, TX @ Devil & Deep Brewing
08/17/2019: Baytown, TX @ House Show (REQUEST INFO)
08/21/2019: Norman, OK @ Red Brick Bar
08/22/2019: Tulsa, OK @ Hunt Club
08/23/2019: Kansas City, MO @ KC House
08/24/2019: Wichita, KS @ Gaslight Gardens
08/25/2019: Dallas, TX @ Adair’s Saloon
08/30/2019: San Antonio, TX @ The Point
08/31/2019: San Antonio, TX @ Market Barbecue
09/06/2019: Wichita Falls, TX @ Gypsy Uncorked
09/07/2019: San Antonio, TX @ La Tuna Icehouse
09/12/2019: San Antonio, TX @ Joe Blues
09/13/2019: Coleman, TX @ Rancho Loma Vineyards
09/14/2019: Seabrook, TX @ Midnite Slice
10/05/2019: Coleman, TX @ Rancho Loma Vineyards
10/16/2019: Norman, OK @ Red Brick Bar (w/BLUNDERBUSST [Jen Scaffidi solo])
10/17/2019: Wichita, KS @ Kirby’s Beer Store (w/BLUNDERBUSST [Jen Scaffidi olo])
10/18/2019: Lawrence, KS @ Gaslight Gardens (w/BLUNDERBUSST [Jen Scaffidi solo])
10/19/2019: Kansas City @ KC House (w/BLUNDERBUSST [Jen Scaffidi solo])