Blue MAGA Was Only a Matter of Time

The Joe Biden era is already weird, colored by some questionable cabinet appointments and an injury story that gets more bizarre by the hour. And a brand new fashion accessory just made it even weirder.

An extremely zealous Biden supporter decided it would be a good idea to co-opt Donald Trump’s infamous MAGA acronym, replacing the word “again” with “already.” They’re already for sale for $15 a pop, complete with an American flag decal.

The Blue MAGA hat idea is stupid, sure. But there are still a bunch of different ways to analyze its sheer stupidity. They lack creativity, biting the only Trump political branding scheme that actually worked; they’re turning what has widely been considered a symbol of hatred and racism into…a symbol of love? An ugly hat in an alternate color? It’s not exactly clear.

The simplest way to parse Blue MAGA is that the idiotic reactionary politics Trump emboldened cut both ways and are actively making us dumber. Even if you give these people the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re not just trying to make a quick buck, it’s difficult to put into words how dumb the concept of Blue MAGA is. And yet here it is live in color, available for purchase on, of all places, Amazon.

It’s not exactly fair to analyze an obvious political grift as representative of something larger. Still, it’s not far off from the liberal MAGA Biden sold to Democratic voters during the primary and general election. Empty platitudes like uniting the country and getting things back to normal are exactly what get Biden libs excited. It’s dumb as hell, but it’s also gonna sell.