Big Joanie, Bluebirds and Bad Dems This Week on BTRtoday

It’s only the second month but you’re probably over 2019 already. The Super Bowl was awful, our politics are hell and we’re wondering when the world’s wealthiest person’s nudes are gonna leak. Is everything is 2019 destined to suck?

The short answer is, no. Not as long as rockers like Big Joanie are making music, or if there’s a killer show to catch in Brooklyn. Maybe a warm food and beer expo will tickle your fancy. The point is, not everything’s bad. Except most Democrats. But you already knew that.

Swinging & Moshing At The Brooklyn Bluebirds Show

The doo-wop cover group shared the bill with two garage rockers & Patti Smith’s Lenny Kaye DJing the end of the night.

Big Joanie Plays U.S. For First Time at SXSW

The U.K. trio is spreading black feminism through in-your-face, catchy and fast punk rock anthems.

Why Your Favorite Democrat Sucks

Weighing the baggage of 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Are Maximalist Running Shoes Right For You?

The running world has embraced maximalism with “fat” running shoes. Should you go big?

Winter Warmer 2019 @ Brooklyn Expo

Winter Warmer NYC brought food, booze, and beer to the Brooklyn Expo Center.