Biden’s Newest Shirt Doesn’t Thank Everyone

Joe Biden’s big Super Tuesday victories have him sitting in pole position to win the Democratic nomination. And his campaign has released a new shirt to thank the people that got him there.

The Biden campaign presented the shirt for preorder late Monday, shortly after former candidates Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Beto O’Rourke endorsed the Vice President at a rally in Dallas, Texas. It’s a riff on the famous “John & Paul & Ringo & George” Beatles shirts from Experimental Jetset; it’s been appropriated thousands of times, most recently by Buttigieg’s own campaign store. And it couldn’t be more appropriate, given the circumstances.

Barely a week ago Joe Biden was a faltering candidate. He couldn’t seem to think or talk straight, put up demoralizing numbers in the first few primaries and was losing big donors in droves. But Biden’s big win in South Carolina—a state where his campaign staked everything—changed the narrative. His countless flaws and verbal flubs took a backseat to his ability to beat Bernie Sanders, and everyone else, in a state with majority black support. Within days, the only other viable moderates realized their place, dropped out, and got behind him. And all they got was this stupid t-shirt.

But even though it features the careerist, centrist moderates who boosted his campaign, Biden’s new t-shirt doesn’t quite tell the whole story. There’s no mention of Barack Obama, who by all indications coordinated that support. It doesn’t factor in South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, whose endorsement surely pushed Biden over the top. It doesn’t include Elizabeth Warren, whose viability in states like Massachusetts and Maine likely siphoned enough votes away from Sanders to hand Biden unexpected victories. And it certainly doesn’t mention corporate media organizations who gifted Biden an estimated $100 million in free positive coverage between Saturday night and Super Tuesday.

Biden has a lot of people to thank for his regained frontrunner status. But there might not be a shirt big enough to fit everyone on it.