Betsy DeVos Wins Dumbest Cabinet Member of the Week

It’s no secret that the Trump administration is made up of morons. But it’s always nice to receive a fresh reminder of the underqualified dolts we’re dealing with.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos provided a juicy one earlier this week. Her “60 Minutes” interview with Leslie Stahl went viral for all the wrong reasons. DeVos was flustered and unprepared as she displayed an alarming lack of knowledge about policies she openly champions. This is slow-motion-car-wreck level stuff.

But perhaps the worst moment was when DeVos admitted she hasn’t “intentionally visited” any underperforming schools. (She’s had the job for more than a year.) When Stahl suggests perhaps DeVos should, like, visit some schools, the secretary responded with “maybe I should” through a curt, pained smile.

DeVos is a Trump flunky, but she doesn’t possess the braggadocio of her boss. She isn’t capable of talking through her ignorance by blurting out whatever pops into her head. Instead, she smiles cringingly through the pain as Stahl, asking relatively simple questions, roasts her on a spit. It’s as if you can hear her handler’s advice from before the interview: Even if she asks tough questions or begins to slice you apart limb from limb, just keep smiling!”

It’s cringeworthy, but not shocking. Everyone knew DeVos was a dullard before she got the job. Trump lackeys marketed her as an outsider and deregulator when she’s really just a big fat GOP ATM machine. She advocates policy that victimizes vulnerable students while openly admitting she has no idea whether or not it actually works.

With all the malarkey surrounding the Trump administration, it was easy to forget we have a certified dope in charge of our country’s education system. At least we can thank her for the reminder.