Best New Music Videos To Help You Survive Valentine’s Day

Buy yourself a heart shaped box of chocolates and a box of tissues. You’re about to dump whoever you’re with for these new music videos.

Whether you’re going solo, friendly or romantic this Valentine’s Day, we know your heart truly lies with your favorite indie bands and their videos. 2018 has already graced us with enough new music videos to keep us music lovers satisfied so far. We shared a list of our favorite new videos before January was even up—but with February only halfway through we already needed to compile a new one.

We’ve handpicked a new list of new new music videos that’ll keep your heart full this Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome.

Watch below and let yourself love again.

Dirty Fences ft. Christina Halladay (Sheer Mag) “One More Step”

How about a fun tune about heartbreak to start off your Valentine’s day?


The Shacks “Follow Me”

Here’s a sweet and soft song to make your love life go a little smoother.


Deaf Poets “King (Don’t Matter)

This songs will defintely heat things up.


The Regrettes “Come Through”

This’ll remind you to not put up with any bullshit—you’re strong and independent, baby.


Cam “Diane”

One YouTube comment said this pop song was the “inverse ‘Jolene’” and that’s pretty spot on.


MGMT “Me & Michael”

A really bizarre video to a catchy MGMT song—could a Valentine ever give you that?


Pale Waves “The Tide”

Feel empowered by this video of live performances of Pale Waves killing it on stage.


King Tuff “Psycho Star”

Time to get funky and sexy with King Tuff’s dancey new music video.


Paramore “Rose-Colored Boy”

This video reminds us all to be true to ourselves and that if you need to cry, go ahead.


Shannon & The Clams “Backstreets”

Another new song from their new album Onion out this Friday—that’s enough to fall in love with.


Wet Leather “Too Serious”

Originally premiering on BTRtoday, this song will have you ready for commitment.


Insecure Men “I Don’t Wanna Dance (With My Baby)”

Little kids ballroom dancing is the perfect accompaniment to this sad but strange song from Insecure Men.