Best Meme Threads from Lizzo’s Pop Hit “Boys”

Animal memes are magical. Music memes are hysterical. And Lizzo is amazing. Combining the three has created the most epic meme threads of 2019.

 Last week Lizzo’s pop banger “Boys” inspired a thread of pure meme glory. In the song, the queen diva talks loving all kinds of boys, like “big boys” and “itty bitty boys.”

 In response, the internet has done what it does best and made an empowering bubblegum pop ode to female sexuality into something ridiculous and by changing the subject to animals, actors and even politicians.

 It started with cute lizards.

Then moved on to sweet pups.

And, of course, there are cats.

Horse girls had to chime in as well.

There’s even on for the beloved trash pandas.

It eventually strayed from animals and went on to Danny DeVito.

With Danny DeVito, comes Jeff Goldblum, for some reason.

 And all that hotness makes the internet hungry, so here’s one about pasta.

All these masterpieces aren’t going unnoticed. Lizzo loves all these threads so much, she just keeps retweeting them.

There’s also a Subreddit dedicated to providing all the links to these threads.