Best Conservative Reactions to the Dem Debate

Twitter lit up during the Democratic debates. But Democrats weren’t the only ones tweeting. Conservatives were on social media in full force, warning of communism and sloppily attempting wordplay.

In news that will surprise exactly zero people, right wing pundits and politicians don’t have anything good to say about Democrats. But since they also don’t know how to do jokes, sometimes gems like this Tomi Lahren tweet receive their proper glory.

Perhaps Lahren was channeling her inner-Biff Tannen here, but she still mangled the “make like a tree and leave” joke worse than Biff. Both the punchline and the setup were wrong. She also squandered the opportunity for Canada-centric twist, as in “make like a maple and leave.”

When they weren’t butchering easy jokes, conservatives whinged about climate change, as in this take from Ben Ferguson.

As we all know, weed smoke is the single-worst pollutant known to mankind, which is why edibles were invented. It’s just science. Unfortunately Richardson hasn’t gotten around to those yet, and we have no idea what the concept of vaping would do to his refried pea brain. But at least he was actually watching the debate. Other right wingers, like human forehead Ryan Saavedra, were more worried about their Twitter notifications.

That’s right, Ryan. Your engagements weren’t down because people don’t care about you. No, Twitter was “throttling” you and all the other freethinking conservatives, like our old pal Owen Shroyer.

Is this meant to be a burn? Were rabid Democratic voters supposed to stand outside cheering during the debates? This isn’t a Trump rally in some 2,000 seat community college gymnasium. Go home and watch on TV. Or stand outside and take videos like this, whatever you wanna do.