Beirut Punk & Indie Bands You Should Know

The explosion that went off at the port of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, left the city and its people in devastation. The country was already in the midst of an economic crisis and a resurgent coronavirus outbreak and now, they have to add hundreds of thousands of displaced Beirutians to their list of struggles.

Though it’s been several weeks, the city still needs help. If you have the means, donate to organizations like the Lebanese Red Cross, Impact Lebanon, Union of Relief and Development Associations, and others you can find here.

Along with your efforts to aid Beirut, explore the city’s thriving art scene—one that includes indie and punk bands. From fans of hardcore, fast, and angry punk to fans of emotional and melodic indie rock, Beirut is bursting with brilliant musicians. All fans of edgy and passionate music, especially fans of underground music like us at BTRtoday, should dive deep into the world of Beirut music.

Below is a short list of punk and indie bands from Beirut that really rock our world. Though some are more contemporary than others and a few have already disbanded, they are still active musicians in the community and need the spotlight now more than ever.

So take a listen below and do what you can to help.

Kid Fourteen, “Not Even You”


Beirut Scum Society, Demo Days


Detox, The Dirty Secrets of the World


Deepthroat, “I Am a Cliché” (X-Ray Spex cover)


The Incompetents, Of Narcissism… And Minor Differences


The Passive Standouts, s/t


Mashrou’ Leila, “Radio Romance”


Yasmine Hamdan, “Hal”


B’يT (beyt), “Zekrayat”


Arnabeat, “Leh YA Hana?”


Meen, “Cliché”