Bad Conservative Comedy And Bitter Cold This Week on BTRtoday

Polar vortexes really make you think. The thoughts are usually something like “it’s so cold and I hate myself for forgetting my hat” but, hey, at least you’re thinking. And when the freezing temperatures have your brain percolating, other thoughts come to mind, too. For example, how do I avoid injury when it’s cold enough to sprain my hamstring just tying my shoes? And is Ted Bundy really hot, or do we just fetishize serial killers?

Okay, you can blame that second one on Twitter instead of the cold. But don’t act like you weren’t thinking it. We’re in the same boat, with those and more thoughts this week on BTRtoday.

Is Ted Bundy Hot?

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Idiotarod XV: The Search For Questions

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What The Huck is Going on With Mike Huckabee’s Show?

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