As a Bushwick Resident, I’m Excited For ‘Bushwick’

With Bushwick the setting for a movie, I braced for the worst.

As a Bushwick resident, I had many friends and family members sending it my way. “Great,” I thought. “This neighborhood is going to be shit now.”

But when I watched it, oh, how my excitement grew.

Wow. My neighborhood can really kick some ass.

Williamsburg surrendered to yuppies a while ago. Bed Stuy’s on its way. Out of all the formerly affordable places in Brooklyn, Bushwick is one of few that’s held onto its edge.

And the movie might just get the spirit of its setting. It’s about the residents of Bushwick coming together to fight a war. Let me repeat that; it’s about Bushwick showing the rest of hoity-toity NYC that it’s truly still a badass. I mean, come on, it’s not like the residents of The Lower East Side or the Financial District would handle a future gone bad.

I only enjoy action movies when they’re so over-the-top that it’s just ridiculous and you can’t look away. Like, I love Snowpiercer, a movie where the main character admits to enjoying the taste of babies. See what I mean?

Here we have Hasidic men throwing Molotov cocktails. A man on fire running into the Church Ave G train stop. A bunch of hipsters running rampant on the streets. Oh yeah, this is going to be an over-the-top action film—and I cannot wait.

Will it convey the amazing community this neighborhood has housed for centuries? Will it help contribute to this community at all? Highly doubtful… But it sure promises to be extremely entertaining.

Hey RLJ Entertainment and XYZ Films, here’s an idea: How about having a free preview for some real Bushwick residents? Maybe at Tina’s? Or Maria-Hernandez Park?
Or are you too afraid of us Bushwickians?