Another Week of Prime Cuts at BTRtoday (Maybe Not The Way You Think)

To cope with the winter doldrums, BTR’s writers turned to a variety of heat sources. We carefully selected perfect cuts of steaks, grew concerned at the results of watching articulate transwomen on YouTube, saw the strength of our hometown in mourning and rocked out to bands old and new. See below for details.


Your Guide to The Essential Cuts of Beef

Johnny Mafia Are Grungy Monster Princes of Love

The garage punk band is causing mayhem with non-stop party tunes.

YouTube Jostled me From Left to Alt-Right

YouTube thought that since I watched ContraPoints I’d love Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson.


Going Back To My Hometown: An Ode To Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has really been through the wringer these past few months and I could feel it when I went back.


Dad Rock Minute: 14 ZZ Top Deep Cuts You Need in Your Life

The Texas trio’s about a lot more than “Legs.” Here’s a deep dive into one of the greatest bands of all time.


Could Vote Switching Change the 2020 Election?

Obama-to-Trump voters were a big part of Trump’s surprise victory. So were their attitudes about race.