An Exclusive Listen to ISTA's Debut Single "Western Sun"

ISTA combines the sadness of steel pedal with the chaos of distorted electric guitar for a new genre we’re calling “cowboy psych.”

And why not? Cowboys trotting through the wild west must have been constantly trippin’ on psychedelics. Kicking around alone in the wilderness, it’s almost inevitable someone would nibble on a mushroom or eat a seed and be met with a surprise. Or Native Americans might’ve gifted them something fun, either as a prank or a present. They would’ve seen some crazy shit in those deserts and mountains for sure.

New Yorkers by way of California, ISTA now give you their debut single “Western Sun,” which is exactly how I imagine that trip would sound.

“Western Sun” kicks off with a sad cowboy vibe like Waylon Jennings or The Byrds before transitioning to a contemporary psych-rock sound similar to Frankie & the Witch Fingers or Oh Sees. “Western Sun” is sure to inspire a new musical gold rush.

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