Amy Klobuchar: Unknown 2020 Dems

Twenty candidates will participate in the first Democratic primary debates on Wednesday and Thursday. But outside the top contenders, most candidates are complete mysteries. BTRtoday takes a brief look at the Unknown Dems of the 2020 primary.

Amy Klobuchar, 59, Senator from Minnesota

Klobuchar’s biggest problem is perception. Most people can relate to hurriedly eating a meal, even the comb was a little much. But reports of emotionally abusing staffers is a terrible look for anyone, let alone someone running on their outgoing, friendly Midwestern charm. Klobuchar signed the Be HEARD Act in April, designed to make it easier for employees in vulnerable industries to report harassment (and we suspect her staff celebrated, silently of course).

Politically, Klobuchar is a mostly down-the-middle Dem. She opposes Medicare for All but would seek to expand the Affordable Care Act’s reach, according to Politico. And she somewhat awkwardly explained her opposition to free college during a CNN town hall in April. She’s got a solid history of passing legislation in Congress, but a much sketchier history as an attorney. Klobuchar reportedly “kept a distance” from police violence and community discord in Hennepin County, Minn., where “police officers and county sheriffs were involved in 29 civilian deaths” from 1999-2007. Klobuchar didn’t criminally charge any cops, “routinely” opting to leave the decision to a grand jury. She also flip-flopped on defending pizza as a vegetable in school lunches, which is notably less important but still hilarious.

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