Alt-Right Terms Coming to a Fox News Broadcast Near You

These days, it’s only a matter of time before white nationalist garbage makes its way to Fox News airwaves.

During a totally-not-racist segment discussing God’s appearance, Laura Ingraham casually dropped the term ”soy boy” in reference to an image created based on the results of a University of North Carolina study. On its own, the term sounds like cutesy slang. But the expression’s alt-right origins makes its use in a mainstream context raise eyebrows.

Used almost exclusively by self-proclaimed Infowars alphas,“soy boy” is a term for men lacking masculine qualities. Like alt-right doctrine itself, it’s based in falsehood—the idea that soy consumption has ill effects on the male physique. Soy, of course, is a not-so-veiled reference to liberals, who are inferior in every way to the gorilla minds who eat pork rinds and watch Cernovich periscopes.

Laura Ingraham owes her public profile to the right’s furthest fringes. Watch the segment again and listen to how she uses the term. It comes out somewhat forced, as it would for someone appealing to the racist, conspiracy mongering hordes that helped land her a show on Fox News. Unsurprisingly, Ingraham has received praise on alt-right subreddits.

Fox News recognizes modern conservatism’s alt-right tendencies. It’s no longer all that radical. The alt-right’s belief system—particularly their endless praise of Trump no matter what he does—encompasses most of the modern Republican voting base, where the president maintains an approval rating above 90 percent.

So of course using a term that clowns liberals for their soy intake will kill with a Fox News audience. Even better if it comes from a dog-whistling, holier-than-thou white nationalist like Ingraham. Soon enough we’ll hear Sean Hannity calling Never Trump Republicans cucks live on air while Tucker Carlson completes his transformation into Pepe the Frog. Co-opting alt-right terms and ideology isn’t a phase. It’s a glimpse into Fox’s future.