Alex Jones Punched Up to David Hogg And Lost

Alt-right troll king Alex Jones met his match in high school student David Hogg.

Jones made his name by calling the Sandy Hook massacre a false flag attack and accusing grieving parents of being crisis actors. The Infowars creator has done the same with virtually every mass shooting since, and the most recent one in Parkland, Fla. is no different.

This time, though, the survivors are very different. The high school students who survived the shooting are articulate and fearless in their call for gun control. In response, Jones and other far right broadcasters have tried to discredit the outspoken survivors. The most famous of these students is David Hogg, who over the past week has been the particular focus of trolls’ scrutiny, especially Jones.

Infowars has been on the forefront of calling Hogg a crisis actor and Democrat puppet. On Tuesday, Hogg took to Twitter and clapped back.

Those tweets made Hogg’s point clear, but the teenager was far from done.

Hogg’s tweets were enough to #trigger Jones, who frantically invited Hogg on his show. He also took issue with the Florida teen calling him a “shit journalist” and “snake oil salesman” (which, for the record, he is).

The whole exchange made Jones seem like the coward he is. If Hogg appeared on his show, it wouldn’t be an honest debate. Jones would present a flurry of “facts” about gun control Hogg couldn’t have possibly prepared for because they’re not actually facts. It’s the only form of “debate” Jones can engage in because he plays on fear and insecurity. Hogg smartly declined the invite, but that didn’t stop Jones from filling his diaper over it.

Jones is no-holds barred internet warrior until a whiff of teenage name calling turns him into a whining tweet-stormer. Jones is the toughest guy around until he encounters even the slightest resistance. Then he cries for protection from the bullies victimizing him. That hypocrisy is the crux of the Infowars worldview. But it turns out challenging a teenage school shooting survivor after you’ve spent more than a week smearing him isn’t very alpha. It just makes you look like an idiot.