Al Franken’s Resignation Helps Nobody

Al Franken’s resignation is offensive.

Yes, he should not have done those things. But, and maybe I’m betraying the sisterhood here, those things did not warrant resignation. Especially since he has been an invaluable liberal voice since joining the Senate in 2009. We can’t afford to lose those on principle.

Let’s call this what it is. He is resigning so Democrats won’t be accused of hypocrisy for condemning Republican sex scandals. Sure, it’s a nice gesture to women. But as a woman, I feel no better with Franken gone and a far worse sexual predator remaining in the Oval Office.

Hypocrisy? Hypocrisy is claiming to care for women’s health while destroying women’s health clinics. Hypocrisy is claiming to care about the poor while doing everything humanly possible to keep them poor. Hypocrisy is vehemently opposing LGBTQ rights while secretly fucking and groping 18-year-old staffers. Hypocrisy is screaming “religious liberty” when employers refuse to provide women with health insurance while electing a president who wants to ban Muslims from the country.

The Democratic party hopes … what? That his resignation will pressure Republicans to do the same to their party’s pile of sex predators? It didn’t happen when POTUS admitted to sexually assaulting numerous women throughout his lifetime; it didn’t happen when an Alabama Republican allegedly (with overwhelming evidence, BTW) sexually assaulted several underage girls. It’s not going to happen.

Republicans danced with glee after every practically every man in Hollywood and the media turned out to be a sex offender. This way, they don’t have to deal with their own. They won’t deal with their own. Especially when they are too busy crafting ingenious ways of punishing poor people for being poor, women for having sex, immigrants for being foreign, and black and brown people for being black and brown.

Al Franken’s resignation may be a small ideological victory. But when the smoke settles, all we will have left is a mountain of sex predators and a Republican Congress that hates women.