BCRA Lesson: Republicans Hate Women More Than Anything

The most dangerous crisis facing America isn’t ISIS or Russia. It’s your uterus.

Republicans have such disdain for women that they made restricting women’s healthcare the most urgent part of their 208-section long Affordable Care Act replacement bill.

Most of the GOP’s Better Care Reconciliation Act’s changes to the ACA don’t take effect for a few years. For example, the individual market (meaning those who aren’t covered through their job or public programs like Medicaid) wouldn’t change until 2020. But the two devastating blows to reproductive rights start immediately or at the end of 2017. Those are, respectively, defunding all clinics that perform abortions (a direct shot at Planned Parenthood) and revoking tax credits for private insurances plans that cover abortions.

In a statement, Naral President Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue called the bill an “abomination” and a “direct attack on the health and well-being of hundreds of millions of Americans and a savage attack on women’s healthcare in particular.”

She’s right. The BRCA isn’t merely an assault on abortion—though that alone would still be an atrocious act of misogyny—it’s an assault on women. Planned Parenthood offers vital services including STI testing, contraception, sex education, prenatal care, yeast infection treatment, UTI treatment and cancer screenings. Removing access to those services hurts women throughout America.

Millions of poor women will lose access to critical healthcare because Mitch McConnell woke up one day and thought “if I can’t pop out a baby, I can at least punish the half of the population that can.”

It’s not clear why the Republicans decided the changes impacting only women have to start immediately. But no matter the reason, the result is the same: if men are involved, more leniency is granted. Women are not extended the same “courtesy.”

Ultimately, Women’s health care coverage extends as far as the male authors of the bill want it to.