Absurd Trump Ads Call Biden a “Radical Leftist”

The Trump campaign released new anti-Joe Biden ads, and the message is simple: Biden is a gateway to the big bad radical left.

The ad claims that Biden has “adopted the policies” of radical leftists like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar—including amnesty for undocumented immigrants (which Biden has) and defunding police (which Biden forcefully hasn’t). The inaccuracies start with the ad’s basic premise.

Biden couldn’t be further than the radical left.

Forget that the former Vice President is one of the more conservative Democrats there is. Forget his authorship of the 1994 Crime Bill and his particularly ugly record on criminal justice, marijuana use, and victim shaming, among other things. Forget his opposition of universal healthcare and his beholdenness to corporate lobbying interests throughout his political career. And forget that Biden won the Democratic nomination in an unprecedented coordinated moderate consolidation to crush the party’s only remaining progressive challenger.

No reasonable person is mistaking Joe Biden for Antifa, a radical leftist, or even a progressive. Then again, Trump isn’t exactly targeting reasonable people with this strategy. Painting Biden as a raving radical goes hand-in-hand with Trump and Barr’s federally mandated violence in American cities. It doesn’t matter that Biden has propagated and enabled the systemic racism and injustice protestors are fighting against across America. Nor does it matter that Biden has made a point to separate himself from the rhetoric of defunding police. According to the president, anyone on the left is an enemy—not just of Trump, but of America itself.

The irony, of course, is that leftists wish Trump’s claims were true. If Biden truly were an empty shell of a politician ready to undertake a radical agenda, America might finally have a chance at universal healthcare, meaningful policing and criminal justice reform, an aggressive climate plan, or other desperately needed reforms. Biden has certainly moved left on some issues, but his moderate (and corporate) ties will prevent true leftist policies from ever taking hold. The campaign is even against selecting Elizabeth Warren, the only remotely progressive option, as Biden’s vice president, because they’re convinced progressives will vote for him en masse and don’t require appealing to.

Trump’s absurd campaign ads will run in early voting states. Perhaps the inaccurate portrayal of Biden will work on some people or deepen the fears of others. For anyone even slightly paying attention, though, it’s just more false, fear-mongering propaganda from one of the biggest presidential failures in U.S. history.