A Trippy Playlist of Underground Music Released Just in Time for 4/20

This year is extra exciting for stoners out there because weed is at its highest legality since being deemed the devil’s lettuce.

So, ya know, we’re getting extra high today. Get your Pop-Tarts and pizza orders ready cause it’s gonna be a blazin’ time!

Wait, what was I supposed to write about again? Oh yeah! Below I’ve made a really fun playlist for anyone to listen to, especially you potheads out there. I wouldn’t call them stoner songs per se, but they do make you feel some groovy things.

I went all over the place with this one, guys. We’ve got Cumbia, indie rock, pop, R&B, and more! So toke up and press play, man—you won’t regret it.

Los Esplifs, “Otro Pias”


Tombstone In Their Eyes, “Quarantine Blues”


TALIA, “getoutofmyhead”


Fried Monkey & Beautiful-Fortune, “Planet B”


Judah & the Lion, “Spirit”


The Blips, “One and Done”


SHAED, “Osaka”


Juna Caro, “Unalone”


ART d’ECCO, “Desires”


MILLY, “Birds Fly Free”


Cat Clyde & Jeremie Albino, “Been Worryin'”


Francis of Delirium, “I Think I’m Losing”