A Millennial’s Reaction To Beyoncé’s “Spirit” for ‘The Lion King’

When I was a kid, everybody loved The Lion King. Then everyone went crazy for Beyoncé. Now, the two have come together and early ‘90s-baby brains just might explode.

1994 ‘The Lion King’ Trailer

The Lion King traumatized a generation. If this is a spoiler for you, then you’re probably not a millennial, but when Mufasa dies and Scar tells Simba to run away forever—well, that messes a kid up.

Beyoncé’s solo career eased the pain. She shocked the world by leaving the hit trio Destiny’s Child, but everyone cheered when her debut single “Crazy In Love” came out in 2003.

Beyoncé, “Crazy In Love”

Now, Beyoncé shows her appreciation for the era that carried her to stardom by voicing the fierce female character Nala in the live-action remake of The Lion King and taking the lead in its music. Today, she released “Spirit” for the upcoming film and the song stirs up some serious feels.

The epic pop ballad spotlights The Lion King’s beautiful circle of life spirituality and Beyoncé’s bravery and drive.

“Spirit” will be part of the film’s soundtrack and the Beyoncé executive-produced album The Lion King: The Gift, a collection of songs inspired by the film that Beyoncé chose for their “authenticity” and “heart.”

Listening to this song floods a poor millennial’s heart with emotions. If just one of the film’s songs has such a dramatic effect, I can’t imagine how many tears are going to pour from millennial’s eyes when the movie hits theaters July 18.