A Look Back at BTR's Year in Alcohol

Drinking’s great but it can get boring to booze without variety. Throughout the year, we offered new and delicious ways to get alcohol into your body, from frothy winter concoctions to crisp cocktails perfect for poolside. Here’s a look back at our most intoxicating exploration of the wide world of drink.

Drink Your Medicine: Why You Should Be Sipping a Sazerac

Photo via Flickr

Rediscover the all-American cocktail with origins in health care.

Straight from the Source: 5 Bartenders Share Time-Tested Hangover Cures

Get drunk and live to tell the story.

Sometimes my Mind Plays Tricks on me: The Resurrection of Absinthe

The spirit with a murky past makes a comeback thanks to the revival of cocktail culture.


Dump Your Margarita for a Paloma Cocktail

The official drink of Mexico is a perfect summertime refreshment.

Cheers, Queers: Celebrate Pride with These Colorful Cocktails

Photo courtesy of Hakkasan New York

Festive concoctions from across the country inspired by 50 years of fighting for equality.

Sake, Sochu and Soju: A Guide

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

A quick primer on these tasty traditional Asian spirits.


All the Drinks are Browning: 3 Must-Sip Fall Cocktails

Photo courtesy of Personal Creations Flickr

Create these perfect fall cocktails and impress all your friends.


Batched Cocktails Can Save Your Summer Party

Photo by Suzi Misfud

Take the stress out of hosting with tips and recipes for batched cocktails perfect for the warm weather.

Wasted Away Again: 3 Recipes for National Margarita Day

Photo by Molly Tavoletti

Learn a little history and celebrate in style.