A Crazy Year of Donald Trump

2020 was, in many ways, the year of Donald Trump. No politician or person made a bigger impact or better represented the worst year in recent memory.

His terrible leadership exacerbated the COVID-19 pandemic, the repercussions of which will be felt for a generation. His inflammatory rhetoric around police brutality, racial injustice, peaceful protestors, and nonexistent voter fraud ignited his supporters’ anger and frustration, and his legal challenges to his monumental election loss are somehow still ongoing.

There isn’t a smaller, pettier, dumber, more uniquely American person on earth—so it makes sense he’s defined our politics and country for the last four years. He’ll be leaving the White House soon enough, but that doesn’t mean he’s going completely away. Still, the media coverage won’t be quite as robust once Trump is out of the Oval Office, which means 2020 might’ve also been the last full year of Trump. (Until he allegedly runs in 2024. Kill us now.)

We wrote a ton about ol’ Donny this year, and it was a tough task to narrow down our favorites, but we think we picked some goodies.

What’s Up With Donald Trump’s Sniffing?

Questions about what’s happening with the president’s nose keep flaring up.

Donald Trump Doesn’t Care If People Die

The president’s renewed coronavirus skepticism proves he and Congressional Republicans value profit more than human lives.

Trump’s Crying Voter Fraud No Matter What

He’ll say the election was corrupt, illegal, and rigged against him—even if he wins.

Trump Tries New Brand of B.S. at COVID-19 Briefing

The president’s first briefing since April was a weak, self-serving attempt at humility.

How Does Donald Trump Not Have COVID-19?

With so many around him contracting the virus, how has the president not—and what would happen if he did?

Trump Campaign Emails are Annoying AF

The president’s 2020 campaign emails are as dumb, aggressive, and ridiculous as he is.

Trump is Trying to Erase Covid

The president is shifting his plan to make coronavirus part of everyday life into hyperdrive.

Trump Leaves Supporters Out in The Cold. Literally.

The metaphor was a little too on the nose, even for 2020.