A Brief, Updated History of Matt Gaetz’s Worst Moments

It’s not easy to stay in the news for being a shameless idiot, but Matt Gaetz finds a way. The Florida congressman is perhaps the Republican Party’s best example of a gutless power-hungry ghoul who’ll do anything to acquire power and get his presidential daddy to notice him.

We first wrote about Gaetz’s long list of political misdeeds last year, but he’s unsurprisingly added to the list in the months since. Here’s an updated recap of his worst moments.

Called Black Lives Matter “a Marxist movement”
Gaetz tweeted the absurd sentence on Monday, attempting to capitalize on the GOP’s ongoing cultural war narrative designed to stymie BLM protests and make them seem un-American. Little did Gaetz know (or did he?) that he was parroting 1930s KKK propaganda.

Introduced His “Son” Nestor Under … Fishy Circumstances
A couple of weeks ago, Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond flamed Gaetz during a House Judiciary Committee hearing. Shortly afterward, Gaetz made a stunning revelation—that a 19-year-old Cuban immigrant named Nestor was his “son” and had been living with him for some time. People quickly found incongruencies with Gaetz’s story, pointing to old social media posts where he referred to Nestor as a “local student” and his “helper.” Maybe Gaetz did indeed take Nestor in out of the good of his heart, but as soon as it became politically expedient to use him as a prop, Gaetz jumped at the chance.

Overtook the SCIF with House Republicans
Last October, Gaetz led a group of two dozen House Republicans into Congress’ Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), where the Pentagon’s top Ukraine official was giving testimony in the ongoing impeachment inquiry. It was a brash (and very likely illegal) stunt designed to turn impeachment into a true political circus and get Donald Trump’s attention. Gaetz, like the mega dork he is, compared charging into the SCIF to the movie 300.

Used a Conspiracy Subreddit For a Legal Resolution
Back in 2017, Gaetz introduced an amendment to the House Judiciary Committee calling for investigations into Hillary Clinton and James Comey. According to political reporter Ashley Feinberg, nearly two-thirds of the amendment’s contents were sourced from the newly defunct subreddit r/The_Donald, “a subreddit notorious for playing host to unfounded conspiracy theories and anti-Islam tendencies.”

Invited a Holocaust Denier to the State of the Union
Charles C. Johnson was apparently invited by several representatives but accepted Gaetz’s invite because “[Gaetz] is into the stuff on issues I care about.” Gaetz denied Johnson’s white supremacist views, even when presented with evidence that Johnson had raised money for The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website.

Threatened Michael Cohen Before His Testimony
The night before Michael Cohen’s bombshell testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Gaetz tweeted at Cohen that he knew about the lawyer’s extramarital affairs. Gaetz provided no evidence, leading to accusations of attempting to intimidate Cohen.

Doesn’t Know Where the Term ‘Kangaroo Court’ Comes From
“Kangaroo court” is a term used for quickly-convened courts that have seemed to “jump” from out of nowhere.The term notably does not come from the cartoon Captain Kangaroo, but nobody told Gaetz. And did anyone expect a congressman to utter the phrase “malicious Captain Kangaroo?”