A Brief History Of Geraldo Rivera’s Awful Behavior

Did you forget that Geraldo Rivera a giant pile of excrement with facial hair? Don’t worry: he’s posted several reminders.

In a series of deranged tweets, Rivera said he was “sad” about the groping and harassment accusations facing the “great guy” Matt Lauer.

So, yes. A powerful straight white man argues that his fellow powerful straight white man could not possibly be a sexual predator because he’s always been nice to him. It’s incredibly tone deaf for the winter of 2017. But that’s just who Geraldo is. His further tweets prove it beyond doubt.

He says exclusively hiring female anchors would be “unacceptably retro, which is as sexist as it is confusing.

Then the equally cliche argument that allegations should be made immediately and must include witnesses. Oh, and victims can’t seek damages.

And then the truly bizarre argument that sexual predation leads to nuptial bliss:

Then of course he “apologized”:

I love when sexual creeps mansplain sexual harassment to victims of sexual harassment.

Earlier this month, he also claimed it’s okay for senior citizens like George H.W. Bush to grope women. He argued there should be an “exception” and used himself as an example. As he ran his mustachioed piehole, this was fellow Fox News pundit Kimberly Guilfoyle’s reaction:

Screenshot from Fox News, via Dailymotion

Rivera isn’t new to inappropriate and inexplicable tweets. In 2013 he tweeted a nearly-nude selfie wearing nothing but a tiny towel. He captioned the gag-worthy photo with “70 is the new 50” and joked that his wife and kids would be “so pissed”, adding “…but at my age…” If you’re feeling masochistic, click on this here link to see a picture of the tweet.

I don’t know if you can sexually harass the entire internet. But anyone who saw the tweet before it was deleted should get damages because ew. He blamed the tweet on drinking tequila alone at 2:30 a.m.

The following year he posted yet another shirtless photo, though this one, thankfully, was cut off just below his shoulders. The viewer gets to imagine what’s happening below the frame. I’m hoping scorpions.

It’s unclear if he was drunk this time but even weirder is he used the tweet to talk about Benghazi: “Kobani is the real Benghazi.”

The sleazeball journalist also groped Bette Midler in the early ‘70s. She spoke about in an 1991 interview with Barbara Walters, saying Rivera and his producer forced her into her dressing room, shoved poppers under her nose and groped her.

Rivera, because this guy never ceases to amaze, even wrote about groping her in his memoir, though not with any tone of remorse: “We were in the bathroom, preparing for the interview, and at some point I put my hands on her breasts.”

Fox News told EW it was “troubled” by his comments” and are “addressing them with him.” Which probably means more tequila and poppers in the dressing room.