8 Small-Kitchen Essentials For Under $50

Most Americans are kitchen poor. Roughly 80% of us live in or near cities. Rooms in urban domestic spaces are small in general, and that’s doubly true for kitchens. The tiny house trend is going strong prompting more people to declutter and downsize living quarters.

If you want to actually use your kitchen for more than just making coffee and ramen, you need to get creative about kitchen storage to make room for food prep. We scoured popular home storage sites for practical solutions and found these eight types of products under $50 that are sure to upgrade your at-home culinary space.

1. Pick up Your Paper Towels

Splatters and spills can make big messes in small spaces. Elevate paper towel rolls from the counter so they stay dry and free up work space. Depending on the surfaces in your kitchen, you can mount a lightweight teak number to your wall, a minimalist and magnetized design for the fridge or one that utilizes often overlooked under-shelf space.

2. Build Out Up and In, Not Just Across

Speaking of under-utilized shelf space, it’s time to rethink your cabinets’ storage capacity. You’re probably looking at them too horizontally. Unlock their potential by considering their vertical and depth capacity as well. Organizing accessories like this minimal under-shelf organizer can help you take full advantage of your vertical space without drawing too much attention to itself.

3. Not Just Under, Also Over

You can also free up shelf space by building up your storage for flatware with mesh expandable shelves. They can expand to match your shelves and are durable enough to support ceramic plates and more.

4. Show Off Your Tools of the Trade

Your tiny kitchen probably has limited drawer capacity. You’ve got to think outside the box when it comes to storing the things you use the most, like pots and pans. You can hang them from a wall-mounted rack with an industrial design instead.

5. Get a Caddy for Your Cutlery

You can free up in more drawer space with a cute cutlery caddy that can hang from a hook or live on your dining room table as an interior design accent, like this rustic-yet-refined caddy.

6. Don’t Leave Your Dish Rack Rack Out to Dry

When counter space is precious, a dish rack eats up too much surface area. Get a foldable drying rack that you can stash away when not in use, like this peppy copper-colored number.

7. Find Food Storage That’s Tastefully Tiered

For foods most-often stored outside the fridge like heads or garlic, bunches of bananas and loaves of bread, your counter just doesn’t have the bandwidth for artfully placed bowls. A three-tiered server can help triple your storage for these everyday foodstuffs.

8. Keep Spices Contained

As we know, disorganization can be the death of a small space for a tiny kitchen, so spice storage must be thoughtful. It’s another organizing tool that can be minimal and magnetized, but if you really want them out of sight, use expandable sliding racks.