Keep it Cool This Summer With Our Ultimate Indie Playlist

Who knows what summer has in store? There could be downers. Blistering hot days followed by rain showers coming out of nowhere.

But in the end, a summer’s day is still a summer’s day. And that’s the best kind of day.

Make this summer your best one yet. We’ve combed through the latest summer jams to construct the perfect indie music playlist. Whether you’re nursing a broken heart or enjoying the surf, this playlist will keep your summer fresh.

Real Estate – “Darling”

The classic indie band has come out with another downbeat but danceable tune perfect for hanging on a roof watching the summer sun disappear.

Adult Mom – “Steal The Lake From The Water”

An emotional summer’s night needs some rock tempered with just the right amount of whine.

(Sandy) Alex G – “Proud”

Lose yourself in your wishful summer thoughts with this sad, yet hopeful track.

She Devils – “Hey Boy”

Don’t let these sweet and sultry sounds lull you into a humidity-borne complacency—this song is badass at the core.

Warm Soda – “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up”

A song that makes you feel like school’s out for the summer, even if you’re not a student.

The Moonlandingz – “The Strangle Of Anna”

Add a little absurdity to your summer with this one by the side project of wild Fat White Family’s frontman, Lias Saoudi.

Jay Som – “The Bus Song”

It’s a long drive to the beach. Pump this up with the windows down and your hair blowing in the warm sea breeze.

Las Rosas – “Boys”

In the mood for some summer romance? The perfect song to get your flirt on to from June to August.

Cartoon Lizard – “Not Punk Not Raw”

Need a song to dance in the sand to? Here’s the jam you’ve been looking for.

Wild Pink – “Wizard Of Loneliness”

Play this as the sun sets and the world is covered in pretty pink light and you’ll feel one with summer.