2019’s Most Risqué Indie Music Videos

From nips slips to bloody murders, this year’s music videos don’t hold anything back.

We’ve gathered this year’s raunchiest indie music videos for your disgusting mind’s viewing pleasure. They’re sure to either restock that spank bank or give you PTSD. These songs range from hardcore rock ‘n’ roll to indie thrashers, with punks like Surfbort standing alongside indie pioneers like Arctic Monkeys—but despite the wide array of genres, there’s not a single censored moment.

Watch below, but maybe not while you’re at work or have kids around. And check out our NSFW music videos from last year that either started a fire in your pants or gave you nightmares.

You have been warned.


Surfbort, “Hi Anxiety”

An edgy animated video with a frantic series of dicks, blood and guts set to a quick punk song.


Fat White Family, “Feet”

Nudity, war and tragedy—this music video has got it all. Plus, the catchy song will get you grooving.


Starcrawler, “Bet My Brains”

You’d think with a frontwoman who isn’t even legally allowed to drink yet you wouldn’t see a video with blood and violence, but not for west-cast rockers Starcrawler.


Arctic Monkeys, “Suck It and See”

Of course these kings of indie rock have a NSFW music video, just look at the title of the track.


Grenouer, “Alone in the Dark”

If you’re into combining your porn with your nightmares, this one is perfect for you. It starts off as a pornographic photo shoot, and ends in a bloody mess.