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Enjoy Halloween knowing which candies are great and which are awful.
Put down that Twix. And the $14 dark chocolate bar, too. They’re both evil and neither will stop a heart attack.
The social media giant is changing the way it presents information.
Remember syphilis? That STD you thought was a thing of the past, if you thought of it at all? It was once nearly eradicated but it’s back, with fervor. The latest CDC study reports that STDs…
Bill O’Reilly, the former king of right-wing fearmongering, is finished.
Flake’s anti-Trump statements mean nothing if there’s nothing at stake.
Rest in peace to one of the world's first rock 'n' rollers, Fats Domino.
James Toback and Harvey Weinstein are both monsters. But they’re different kinds of monsters.
Kid Rock in the Senate would be like Armando Iannucci and the South Park guys collaborating to adapt a Robert Caro book into a waking legislative nightmare.
Trump nominees are behaving like I did when I was 10.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders touted a $4,000 tax rebate on Twitter. Twitter users expressed their doubts.
Women at the gym are told to be firm and simply say no, but that advice can be hard to put into practice and isn't always effective.
Pete's lacks the extreme heat of other sauces but its refined flavor shouldn't be slept on.
The account @TrumpNewYorker spins Trump's social media lunacy into cartoon caption gold.
Yes, 'Back to Black' is a masterpiece. But don't make the mistake of overlooking Amy Winehouse's debut.
The beloved Canadian rocker died of brain cancer Tuesday night.
Maybe a social media movement isn’t what survivors asked for, but it’s definitely bringing attention to a problem that's too often ignored.
When Joe Virgillito awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a sexy bikini model named REBEKAH.
Even high-performance athletes can feel the impact of an out of control sweet tooth.
If you thought vinyl collectors are over the top, prepare yourself for some next-level high-fidelity vision-questers.
When Rick and Morty fans stormed fast food joints in search of sauce, Mickey D’s employees experienced the full depravity of nostalgia capitalism.
Pornhub introduces artificial intelligence to its operations after falling victim to a massive malware infection. What could go wrong?
As stories of sexual abuse teach us again and again, we look to any woman to take the fall.
Watching Kelly on Fox News was always a fun time despite her vile politics. Now she's just boring.
The United States was embarrassed on the global stage, and this time it had nothing to do with Donald Trump.
War isn’t LARPing and the armed forces should know better.
People are up to 70 percent likelier to practice sustained lifestyle changes associated with long-term health when motivated by an external goal.
Silicon Valley developers are increasingly trying to make their technology as habit forming as possible. Their intentions are surely bad, but they don't understand human nature well enough to really pull it off.
Social worker and punk fan Sheridan Allen created Punk Talks to help give people in the music industry access to free mental health care.
Conservative lawmakers show once again that they're equally heartless and brainless.
Before it became a lumbering monster fighting for the rights of mass shooters, the NRA had different, saner goals.
The former FOX News host's rage virus spasm of an essay has laid bare the emptiness at the heart of the pro-gun movement.
Facebook user Jason Lee probably said it best. “Christ on a crotchrocket, please don’t let that linger any longer.”
No matter much you go hard, you won't get anywhere without recovery time.
Thanks to Milk Leaks unearthing the things he doesn’t want us to remember, we can explore the full scope of Baked Alaska’s depravity.