Online communities are becoming a refuge for previously isolated victims of abuse, as well as a tool for recovery and a platform that gives victims a voice. Kim Saeed, the founder of Let Me Reach, a popular destination for survivors of Narcissistic Abuse, shares her journey building the community and why she believes Let Me Reach is her calling.
BTRtoday explores performance art culture and speaks to concertgoers who enjoy a good show with some classic BDSM, fog, and who knows what else!
Not only are graphic novels evolving literature as a medium, but they also inspire our favorite films and television shows. What happens when The New York Times consolidates their bestseller lists?
Special interest groups and government entities have long used tragic events to pass legislation and score political points. Meanwhile, those at the heart of the tragedies are forgotten in the wake of the political upset and the legislation proposed or passed is often unnecessary and results in more injustice, not less.
Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter are examples of movements which chose not to identify distinct “leaders,” opting instead for horizontal organization that encourages the empowerment of all participants. Does this approach work? Read and find out.
BTRtoday sits down with genomics researchers Jennifer Hochschild to discuss the field's potential to change humanity as we know it.
When MTV moved from music video content to reality television, many predicted the death of the music video--what happened instead was a renaissance. Brooklyn director Allie Avital Tsypin talks about her experience in an industry now defined by clicks, likes, views and shares, and how it can help propel filmmakers to the next stage of their careers.
Siervas, which means “the servants,” is a group of nuns in Peru who have started a rock band to preach the gospel. BTRtoday investigates.
The first tour I was on was a mission to Austin to play SXSW. I arrived, I played, and I partied. How will this year's experience differ from the previous? What is to be said about the importance of unofficial shows and the swelling consumerism and sponsorships associated with the official showcases?
TwoXChromosomes was made a default subreddit almost three years ago, and has changed significantly. Its intended goal has been “watered down” by “drive-by participants.”
“People in a cult don’t know they’re in a cult; people being brainwashed don’t know they’re being brainwashed.”
Hypocrisy has long been part of political perception, but with Republicans fast-tracking healthcare, Democrats pushing Russian conspiracy, and both sides cackling about leaks, how much deeper can we delve into the political slime?
Ultimately, the responsibility to transform the beauty culture from toxic to celebratory rests in the hands of the oppressed population themselves: Women must have the strength to value themselves and each other for their more meaningful and sustainable qualities in order to shake off the burden of the beauty culture and find true beauty within.
Founder of Captured Tracks Mike Sniper discussed with BTRtoday why working with a new artist is more engaging than working with an established musician.
In “High Fidelity” the characters question what came first, the music or the misery? We talk to indie writer Laura Roberts, author of "Everything I Need To Know About Love I Learned From Pop Songs" to find out!
Though it still isn't nearly where it should be, there has been more body diversity in the fashion world of late than there has been in years, but is it just another trend or is it here to stay?
D.C. has long been used as a hostage in Congressional horse trading. Chaffetz in particular has a penchant for fucking D.C. like a legislative fleshlight.
On "A Day Without A Woman," the BTR girls participated in the general strike. Here’s what happened.
The underdog aura of SPRING/BREAK is what characterizes this playful (and downright fun) art fair; unlike the parent shows of yesteryear, which are dealer and market-driven, SPRING/BREAK is artist and curator-driven, resulting in work that is more participatory and ephemeral than it is sell-able.
Frustrated fans would be less likely to call for a boycott or blackout if they felt a visceral, tangible stake in their favorite team's success or failure, even if it seems meaningless.
Just days after the election, Brad Lander and Rabbi Rachel Timoner founded Get Organized Brooklyn--a group founded to resist the policies of the 45th President of the United States.
What is responsible for the death of so many musicians over the years? It’s not deranged fans or loss of the limelight, it’s heroin. BTRtoday explores this epidemic.
With rumors of funding cuts and the eradication of art and humanities programs entirely, it appears as if art and culture in America aren't valued by Republican officials. A recent report by The Hill claimed that the current administration is vowing to completely eradicate the NEA, NEH, and privatize public broadcasting in America. If we cannot afford arts programs, are we so sure we can afford no arts programs?
The ramen burger might well be a beautiful melding of cultures but it also tastes like a burger bun fucked a diving pool of bacon grease.
If you thought it wasn’t 1990, think again. Donald Trump’s old school rhetoric harkens back to Nixonian era attitudes towards narcotics. And if history teaches us anything, the results won’t be pretty.
Cassette sales increased by 74 percent in 2016. As a fan of good-sounding music and technological progress, BTRtoday investigates the phenomenon.
Comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler have been both rationally considered and wantonly overblown. Does his presidency really signal the early stages of American fascism?
This year's Super Bowl commercials took a stand against Donald Trump's recent political machinations. Some are saying that rebellion through consumerism isn't rebellion at all. Others are saying that sending out a message no matter the forum is important in and of itself.
Riot Grrrl culture not only created a door for women into punk rock, but also into anarchy and political rebellion. BTRtoday researches the rise of this culture and where it stands today.