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Since the election, we’ve seen attacks on reproductive health, attacks on immigration rights, attacks on racial minorities and Muslims both here and abroad. America is not well and Americans are hurting.
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Twitter’s been buzzing with news of the fraudulent Time Magazine cover that’s been showcased in a number of Trump’s country clubs and golf courses for months.
There’s a winner in the race to the dumbest health care comment and it’s a former MTV VJ. Speaking on FOX News, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery attempted to cast doubt on BCRA criticism in the glibbest way possible. She mischaracterized the factually correct assertion that millions of Americans will lose health care and die if the law were passed as “hysteria.” And then she dropped into the parlance of B-movie villain dialogue, claiming the deaths don’t matter because “we’re all going to die” anyway. She was failing to make a stupid and heartless point: the predictions of deaths might not be accurate because death itself is inherently unpredictable. But the connection between having health care and lower mortality rates is based on vigorous studies and not dorm room level speculation. As ThinkProgress noted, states that enacted Medicaid expansions in the early 2000s saw a significant decrease in mortality rates over five years compared with states that didn’t enact medicaid expansions--and that’s one study among many. Montgomery wasn’t the sole conservative trying to decouple the prospect of millions dying from the now-stalled healthcare bill. On Twitter, sawdust-brained right-wing Think Tanker Avik Roy tone-policed the debate over the healthcare bill. In his view, the problem wasn’t that millions would die (which, again, is true) but that people were citing that fact in the debate. That’s awful and evil but somehow Montgomery managed to top it. How could a broadcast journalist be so dumb and cruel? It might have something to do with how her journalism career was launched in the trenches of the MTV Spring Break Beach House. She used to be known simply as “Kennedy” and she was the worst. With her Lisa Loeb glasses and suburban goth pale skin/black hair mix, she looked like an early prototype manic pixie dream girl for lovesick music nerds. But she was charisma deficient and awkward. No matter the locale, she became a fun vortex, sucking everything cool into her gravity. You’d think that a peppy MTV personality would effortlessly pop among the stiff conservatives at FOX. But she’s faded into the background. They put her through the standard Roger Ailes makeover/meatgrinder and she came out looking like every other female FOX personality, only less blonde. So we shouldn’t be surprised Kennedy screwed up this badly on healthcare when we remember how badly she once screwed up the easiest job in the world.
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