We already know that technology is creating a dearth in the job market for manufacturing and service jobs. However, these advances are also beginning to affect the creative industry.
When we tout the “peacefulness” of the marches, we forget that white feminists have the privilege of being able to march with the support of law enforcement, a privilege that women of color don’t enjoy.
Minimalist Ryan Nicodemus joins BTRtoday to talk about how much you can gain by simplifying your life.
Reflecting on a spontaneous journey abroad that conjured feelings of awe, creativity, and a desire for change.
Even without complete cohesion, the women's marches provided a glimmer of hope for the scattered American progressive movement.
Sweden and Denmark, who are often described by liberals as utopian countries, have been transformed right before our eyes.
Bowie, Prince, Haggard, Cohen, Jones—they were millions of people’s idols and will be for millions more. How are their deaths and the deaths of many other music heroes going to affect the industry?
With high rent, fines, strenuous permit processes, and prejudice targeting, established and iconic DIY NYC venues are being bought out or forced to close their doors. How do venues and creative spaces get ahead and keep up? We must form an alliance with artists, audiences, and the city to stay afloat, stay safe, and become legit.
From classist boarding procedures to CIA-levels of physical torture in cramped seats and humiliating walks past first class, commercial flying is the modern aristocracy and it stinks.
In an effort to raise awareness about this archaic practice, filmmaker James Burns voluntarily entered solitary confinement for 30 days at Arizona’s La Paz County Jail--and he arranged a live stream to document and broadcast the entirety of his experience.
Millennials don’t even own TV sets anymore due to the ease and affordability of streaming shows and movies on their computers with popular services like Netflix. Statistically, with every passing year it becomes less and less likely that the premium cable channels that once ruled the world of primetime television will be able to bounce back.
Donald Trump takes office as the 45th President of the United States of America, but his administration could tread into murky waters when it comes to Constitutional law.
Carl Colpaert, veteran indie filmmaker and founder of Cineville, is building a “Netflix of indie streaming.”
Did the little organisms that eventually evolved into fully-developed beings have a little melody stuck in their heads? Is music inherently human? BTRtoday explores!
There are new rules to become an eligible food stamp retailer, what does this entail and why are we changing the standards for food consumption?
Twitter should ban President-elect Trump’s official account on the basis of their own rules against hate speech and threats. Doing so would demonstrate that Twitter takes hate speech seriously, especially when coming from the President of the United States.
Dechen Thurman is an actor and yoga guru, who began exploring the practice of Jivamukti yoga while he was in theater school. Thurman sits down with BTRtoday to discuss ways in which yoga can be both a form of exercise and guide for daily life.
Actress Merly Streep's impassioned call for empathy amidst a turbulent political landscape can help us remember the inherent power of artistic expression.
BTRtoday sits down with Trent England of the Save Our States Project to talk about the importance of the Electoral College and what the United States might look like without it.
Poetry in the last few decades has moreover become a less than popular profession and has certainly not been regarded as a medium in which one on can sustain oneself financially.
BTRtoday chats with Lindsey Gardner, manager of up-and-coming musician Ron Gallo, about the ways and the woes of working the music scene.
Salt, the sneaky assassin, has been confronted by NYC health authorities who are regulating sodium levels in city food to help reduce death caused by heart disease.
Her move to NBC will solidify the exception that we make for her bigotry because of her silky tresses and the fact that she is a powerful woman sitting amongst powerful men.
You’ve heard of anorexia and bulimia, but what about orthorexia and diabulimia? Eating disorders affect approximately 30 million people in the United States, and it’s about time we start taking these illnesses, and their treatments, seriously.
Louis Delage’s Instagram account demonstrates that the outwardly perfect persona we create online is not always what it seems and can be a concealment of an underlying alcohol dependency issue.
BTRtoday sits down with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser to discuss the prevalence of theocracy in the Muslim world and what he hopes will lead to widespread reform in Islam.
The closest thing to the popular show “Westworld” (where rich vacationers get to live in a fantasy world) is Hilton’s Conrad Maldives.
The story of one BTRtoday music reporter’s transition from sneaking into grungy basement shows to being put on the list for all kinds of NYC rock concerts.
With freeing the nipple, we’re also freeing women of ridiculous standards and expectations about how our breasts should look and what they should be encased in. How do bras affect our breasts and those looking at them?
Steve Katz has one of those names you might recognize but not quite remember. He witnessed and took part in history and he remains a strong voice in preserving and strengthening some of America’s greatest musical legacies.