BTRtoday explores a Paul Booth’s dark art galleries in midtown Manhattan.
Synesthesia is when one relates a color to other sensations. So, some can see the color read when the see the number 4, etc. BTRtoday wants to know how this work in the art world?
As populations in major metropolitan areas swell, crowd science is becoming a hot new field for understanding how humans behave in large groups and how to avoid mass panic.
I wondered if I did some internal damage in my multiple attempts to insert cotton pickles into my vagina.
The Wonders, A.D.D.,Sing Street; these are bands born on the silver screen that took their music from garages and living rooms to the stage. BTRtoday explains how your band can follow their lead, and become the next big thing.
Claire Geist is the sort of woman who cannot be put into a neatly wrapped box. A model, photographer, software engineer, and fashion blogger, Claire has always been the type of woman who blazes her own trail. She talked to BTRtoday about how she got to where she is and what she is working on next.
The power of the penny is a strange alchemy of history, habit, and economics.
It was Hanson’s “MMMBop”’s 20th anniversary last week & BTRtoday wanted to explore the music we loved then to now as adults!
BTRtoday staff writer Kimberly Ruth discusses her memories of keeping up with the manhunt following the Boston Bombing, and how tragedy and death can trigger feelings we may not expect.
Not all reasons to wait are religious and not all boundaries are equal. Lesson learned? Human sexuality is powerful, random, and weird.
Julio Anta, founder of the Native Sound, declares to BTRtoday that reverb is king for his label’s signings.
The truth is, I don’t want the marriage or the white picket fence or even the stability that most people associate with the happiness and success of adulthood.
Jessa Crispin says she is not a feminist. Or rather, she doesn’t identify with the modern-day feminist agenda as we know it. BTRtoday sits down with the author to discuss.
Scientific teleportation (versus magical or spiritual) has had a grip on sci-fi fans since the late 1800’s. The hardship of the urban commute, particularly between Manhattan's Upper West Side and Lower East Side, gives way to a lot of speculation about the convenience of installing a teleportation device for travel between the two neighborhoods--specifically within the neighborhoods' respective Mermaid Inn restaurants.
“Style Like U” is a media movement backed by mother/daughter team Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, who are making an important point about the fashion industry by interviewing prominent personalities in their underwear. BTRtoday explores how style comes from what's underneath your clothes and why “Style Like U” is one of the most important foundations in fashion.
The historical community itself has not evolved enough in its coverage of women, nor in its approach to the study of alternative histories, and neither history academia nor Wikipedia can wait for the other to adapt.
A first-hand experience at the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit, where industry leading companies such as Condé Nast, CNN, PBS, Bitly, and Vanity Fair discussed common challenges and media-related strategies, revealed artificial intelligence may be closer than we think.
A photograph is seen as a credible communication tool, but as more people have access to cameras and identity is increasingly shaped through photographic communications, photography as a source for truth is becoming increasingly suspect.
You can’t get close too somebody without going through pain.
BTRtoday speaks with Dr. Steve Billet of the George Washington University to get the pulse of national politics.
New York Fashion Week used to be an exclusive event directed toward the wealthy. Now, designers such as Dolce & Gabbana are selling t-hirts with Justin Bieber's face on it, and even Kanye West has his own fashion line. Is fashion just trolling us at this point?
It’s as though the writers looked at each other one day and asked “how do gay men interact with each other?” “Oh, it’s like how straight men interact with each other but they mention that they’re gay, constantly.”
The lack of female occupations in the emoji-sphere transports us back to a time where we were seen as adjuncts and hoes to this movement of progress. Or does it?
President Trump's approval of torture during the campaign could have dangerous effects abroad and at home.