20 Amazing 2018 Indie Albums You May Have Missed

These under-the-radar musicians released some of the most awesome and rocking music you’ll ever hear. From punk rock, indie pop and even metal, the artists below might’ve been under your radar in 2018, but they deserve your love in the future.

Listen below.

Dream Wife, s/t
Dream Wife are badass rockers spreading self-love and acceptance through catchy and thrashy rock ‘n’ roll.


Ty Segall, Freedom’s Goblin
If you haven’t moshed to punk rocker Ty Segall have you ever really lived?


Las Rosas, Shadow By Your Side
The NYC indie power trio Las Rosas gave us such a catchy album you’re going to want to leave on repeat for days on end.


Sloppy Jane, Willow
Sloppy Jane’s experimental punk album tells a bizarre but relatable story about a stripper.


Champagne Superchillin’, Beach Deep
On their debut, Champagne Superchillin’ serves up sexy french pop rock with dreamy synth and vocals. It’ll transport you to a weird but unforgettable romance.


BOYTOY, Night Leaf
This rockin’ album tells a complete story of I-love-you-I-hate-you through 10 tracks.


Screaming Females, All At Once
The NJ-based band Screaming Females signature vocals are set to thrasher punk/metal melodies.


Soccer Mommy, Clean
This Nashville-based indie darling Soccer Mommy sings melancholic songs about self-doubt and heartbreak.


Navy Gangs, Poach
This album is full of relatable tracks like upbeat downer “Dark Days,” the witty “Awkward Exchange” and the indecisive “Just Kidding Not.”


Shannon Shaw, Shannon In Nashville
The Shannon & The Clams frontwoman’s solo project features twangy tunes about heartbreak, produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach.


The Nude Party, s/t
The self-titled album from mountain boys/party rockers The Nude Party has twangy party-anthem tracks with surprisingly deep lyrics.


Gymshorts, Knock Knock!
This is the perfect album to relive your teenage days of angst screams about how your mom will never understand you.


The Growlers, Casual Acquaintances
With its low key release, it was easy to miss this great new chill one from indie superstars The Growlers.


IDLES, Joy As An Act of Resistance
U.K. punk rockers released two killer albums this year. This one is their latest. Use it to crowd surf and spread love to.


Miss World, Keeping Up With Miss World
This tongue-in-cheek album is probably the poppiest one on this list, but it’s one thousand-percent awesome.


Insecure Men, Karaoke for One: Vol. 1
Fat White Family’s guitarist’s project paints a peculiar and dilapidated world through experimental beats and melodies.


Death Valley Girls, Darkness Rains
This album makes you want to be a punk rock witch—even Iggy Pop loves it.


Surfbort, Friendship Music
Classic punk rock thrashers that rage fast and dirty, spreading love and friendship and taking no prisoners.


Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser, Quarter Life Crisis
We’ve been talking all about positive punkers, but what about a sweetheart metalhead? Well, that’s Ben and this album about being kind and loving is perfect for headbanging.


Grapetooth, s/t
This one from Twin Peaks guitarists and Chicago music producer is another that leans more on the pop side, but this debut is still rockin’ with its guttural screams, synth and all.