15 Years Later ‘End Of Ze World’ Releases a Sequel That’s Too Close to The Truth

One of the original viral videos, End Of Ze World made us all laugh and scream “Ahhh motherland.”

Pressures were on to invade Iraq and Jason Windsor and his friends were sick of the state of the world; so they made a little animated clip. End Of Ze World was a video based on truth, but mostly played off of stereotypes and political hyperbole. It was hilarious with over-the-top accents and pessimistic wit, creative with crude animation and it had everyone watching—yet not taking it too seriously.

Yesterday they’ve released a sequel, End Of Ze World…Probably For Real This Time, fifteen years after the first and it hits very close to home—enough to make you take it seriously this time.

The only clear message the 2003 video had was simply that the world would end in nuclear winter. Nukes would launch because the U.S. decided to fire at “those Chinese sons of bitches” for no reason and things start getting out of hand. France took a nap, England played shuffleboard on a boat and Australia was confused, but that didn’t stop the nukes from flying.

Now, the new video shows that we haven’t blown ourselves up, “but we still might.” China is pretty cool now, France is embracing science and Trump is tweeting our world into destruction (Australia is still confused). However, now the message is specific towards human rights and having an overall faith in humanity, and even rallies the people to fight for what they believe in.

Some say with age people get more and more jaded after experiencing the hardships of life. But I think End Of Ze World has gained some optimism. Instead of telling us to just accept the inevitability of the end, it’s imploring us to do something to stop it. It says, “we’re all made out of the same stuff and we can’t be separate from each other” and tells us to save the numbers of our elected officials in our phones as “RAWWRMYTAX$$!!!!1” so we can vote for someone who actually cares about us.

They even reattached their home state California to the U.S.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re le tired, put on some pants and enlighten yourself with the new End Of Ze World.