15 Best Music Meetup Interviews of 2019

Happy New Year, everybody.

Overall, 2019 was confusing, dark and downright stressful. But every Monday I brightened up the place by interviewing an awesome band and rocking out to their music—you’re very welcome.

Out of the hundreds of bands I chatted with this year, these are my top fifteen favorites. Check the list out below (in order of month) and head to The Music Meetup page to listen to all the episodes and choose your own favorites.

Royal Trux is Back From The Dead And Chaotic As Ever

Legal troubles may have put their tour on hold, take it from Jennifer Herrema: “shit could’ve definitely been worse.”

Sabrina Is Not In This Chat

Caution: The West Coast punk trio shreds so hard you may get a rash. We chat about new album, touring and the band.


A Few Things Cherry Glazerr’s Clem Creevy Loves

These are a few of her favorite things—plus, we talk new album and musical evolution.


Shotgunning Beers with Native Sun at SXSW


The New York quartet’s music has matured, but their behavior is still as wild as it comes.


Shotgunning Beers & Talking Stolen Beanie Babies with Bambara

Surprisingly, we stayed on topic in the face of epic SXSW day-drinking.


Childlike Fun with Skating Polly

Frontwoman Kelli Mayo admits in new song that she can’t do the ‘Dirty Dancing’ leap, but she loves to try.


Leggy Wants To Know Your Sign

The Cincinnati rockers have a love/hate relationship with horoscopes and an amazing new album.


Serious Thrashers A Deer A Horse Get Silly

Metal, punk rock, garage thrashers—whatever you want to call them, they’re here to shred & have a blast.


Ryan Laetari is a Big Boy Now


He’s a big boy in the big city making some music and flipping burgers.


Miss June Always Finishes First

Chatting with the New Zealand rockers backstage in Brooklyn.


Skux Goes From Park Ranger to Punk Rock

Protecting nature wasn’t enough for this Alaskan park ranger, so she created Skux.


Coco Verde’s Julian Anderson Talks Crushes & Going Crazy

Living and playing music in NYC will drive anyone mad.


Flamin’ Groovies’ Cyril Jordan Talks Orgies, Acid & Life Back On The Road

The only original member still playing from the ’60s pioneering psych garage rock band tells all.


Levitation Room Started as Punk and Almost Ended in a Nevada Jail

The psych-rockers just wanna jam and share their music with the world—is that so wrong?

AJ Davila of Davila 666 Talks Touring, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Photo courtesy of the band

“The Puerto Rican party punks were in NYC for one show before jetting off to Europe.”