Milk Leaks Preserves The Moments Baked Alaska Doesn't Want us to See

When Baked Alaska deleted his video of a woman smashing his iPhone, it disappointed connoisseurs of the alt-right cucking across the world.

Fortunately, Milk Leaks saved the day.

Milk Leaks is a site dedicated to archiving “deleted tweets, videos, and articles from Baked Alaska,” the self-proclaimed entertainer best known as one of the greasiest members of the alt-right. Evidently, white supremacist Twitter savants delete and fabricate a lot. After he harassed the women in line for a Hollywood club, one woman repeatedly asked him to stop filming before grabbing his iPhone and throwing it to the ground. In classic alpha male fashion, Baked Alaska claimed he was assaulted and needed police.

The police arrived, and Baked Alaska filed a report but it didn’t satisfy him. Baked begged authorities and the club’s management to identify the woman so she would pay for his phone.

It’s understandable that Baked Alaska wanted to delete these videos. In both, he’s emasculated by women who call him out on his bullshit. He reveals his stupidity by calling the club manager “weird” for invading his personal space—something he’d done moments before.

That’s not the worst behavior. Below, Baked Alaska and his friends make fun of a dude who has the audacity to call him a Nazi (hint: he is). Baked Alaska’s “goons” poke fun and flip this guy’s hat off, all in good fun. But when the man retaliates with a hat flip of his own, his friends attack while Baked Alaska freaks out and claims he got hit in the head.

This is all par for the course from a dude who marches in white supremacist rallies, claims he got maced and aggressively hits on teenagers.

Take this video, my personal favorite of the bunch. Baked Alaska was marching alongside his brethren at the Charlottesville Rally for Single White Basement-Dwelling Nazis, during which he (and a mustachioed mystery racist) claim the crowd was gassed. In between whooping and gasping for air, he greets and takes pictures with fans, many times without skipping a beat.

It’s hard to sum up someone this stupid and hateful. But thanks to Milk Leaks unearthing the things he doesn’t want us to remember, we can explore the full scope of Baked Alaska’s depravity. In a world filled with so much ugliness, Milk Leaks brings us joy by exposing a hate-monger as a buffoon.