Punk Band Zex Talks Their New Split Record with Beyoncé

Well, it was technically an accident. But when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.

This month came the official $300 vinyl box set of Beyoncé’s Lemonade, complete with a 600-page book filled with photos. Funny thing, however, an unknown amount of these vinyl’s A-side were pressed with the entire album Uphill Battle from Canadian punk band Zex.

Beyoncé is the queen of R&B and pop music. Her colossal fan base has been named “The BeyHive” and she is Queen Bey. Her style is full of confidence and designer clothing.

Now, meet Zex. A Canadian punk band whose fans are called “Zex-addicts” and has a style similar to The Sex Pistols and The Ramones, with mohawks, leather jackets and a fuck-you attitude.

What do these musicians have in common? Well, they stand for empowerment, liberation and they now share a vinyl record. BTRtoday chatted with the singer of Zex, Gretchen Steel and found out that these punkers ain’t sorry.

“Whether you’re in a punk band or a singer of a pop group, your nails can always be on fleek,” Steel says. They have yet to be contacted about the mishap with the vinyl pressings and can only hypothesize what went down at the factory.

Zex is touring California October 18-29 and are totally down for an official collaboration with Beyoncé if she ever reaches out to them. However, Zex was recently dropped from their label due to sexual assault allegations against their guitarist Jo Capitalcide. Though Steel stands by women’s rights, she also stands by Capitalcide saying that these claims are “absolutely untrue.” (More info here.)

Read the entire interview with Steel below.

BTRtoday (BTR): Do you guys have any idea how your album got pressed onto some of Beyoncé’s Lemonade vinyl?

Gretchen Steel (GS): Someone either mixed up our plates at the pressing plant or didn’t take the time to double check that they switched the plate after doing my band’s run of records. I can’t be 100 percent sure, but it must of been one of the two.

BTR: I grew up in the punk scene and have always been a huge punk fan, but I’m also a fan of Lemonade. What do you see the two genres sharing?

GS: Zex’s music and Beyoncé’s music are both fronted by larger than life characters, as some people have said to me. Whether you’re in a punk band or a singer of a pop group, your nails can always be on fleek.

BTR: What’s your take on Beyoncé’s Lemonade?

GS: Personally, I haven’t heard the whole Lemonade record, but “Sorry” is a cool track. I’ve enjoyed a handful of her songs over the years. I’m all for women who send a message to the world that they are strong and fierce and their successes are due to their personal perseverance and hard work.

The songs “Iron Will” on my [Zex] record and “Uphill Battle” send a similar message. My favorite line from “Iron Will” is, “I may have the heart of a lion, hard match against your bullets.” Strength and empowerment in women is what I’m all about.

BTR: Tell me about the music you guys make. Where do you guys pull inspiration?

GS: Our inspiration comes from real life experiences. It serves as a vehicle to express our frustration with a life that hands you nothing but lemons … So, you might as well make lemonade.

BTR: If Beyoncé reached out to you guys to work with, how would you react/what would you say?

GS: If Beyoncé reached out to me, I’d most definitely be up for a collaboration. I’m sure Zex-addicts and BeyHivers could share a lot in common. It would certainly be entertaining, something no one has ever seen.