Reviews are Mixed for Hangover Cure

Since the discovery of alcohol, mankind has longed for a hangover cure.

When Flyby offered BTRtoday the chance to road-test their new hangover cure, we were skeptical but hopeful. It promises to be a science-based solution to the hangover problem, with its website claiming the pills are formulated to “support liver function, replenish nutrients and metabolize toxins like acetaldehyde.”

Hopes dimmed reading the note that came with the pills. Flyby said to keep hydrated while drinking and to drink water before bed—familiar hangover avoidance advice that cast doubt about the value of the product. After all, if you’re diligent about hydrating while drinking, you probably won’t need a hangover cure.

The BTRtoday editorial staff road-tested the FlyBy hangover cure over a typical weekend. Here are their reports.

Champagne Drinker: The Cure’s a Sham But The Pain is Real
These pills are dumb. On the scale of zero to hangover I’ve got like a seven. I’ve always hydrated like a goddamn champion but also dearest seven dollar André was really there for me last night. I put back three quarters of a bottle. I’m not entirely sure those “hangover cure” pills were anything at all. Not least because they said to drink a lot of water and there were discrepancies between how many the mini packets said to take and how many the box said. The packets said four, but I only took three, what if they were poison? Well, I suppose three versus four probably wouldn’t make a difference at that point. Anyway, it sounded like nonsense then and I still think it sounds like nonsense now.

Taia Handlin

Tequila Drinker: Nice Sunrise But Can’t Credit the Pills
I’m no scientist—especially when drunk. So my experiment with these hangover “cure” pills may not be the most accurate. I woke up feeling pretty good, but there were a lot of outside factors that could’ve contributed to my hangover-free Sunday.

I spent the weekend at the beach with a few good friends and several succulent bottles of Epsolon tequila. Around 1 p.m., I had a mango margarita along with my coconut shrimp breakfast. At 2:45 p.m., I washed the pills down with a freshly juiced (cucumber, apple, pineapple, cilantro) beverage filled with four full shots of tequila. We packed a cooler full of that juice cocktail along with a bottle of tequila for emergency shots, a baggie full of marshmallow weed edibles and shroom toffees and set up on the beach. By 4 p.m. we switched to very strong homemade margaritas. I transitioned from lounging on an inner tube in the salty sea to sizzling under the sun on the sand all day. Around 8 p.m. we headed back to the house where we devoured shrimp tacos and switched to tequila sodas (with a few shots sprinkled in here and there). When night fell we nibbled on more edibles and toffees, filled our cups with more tequila and soda and headed back to the beach for a nice bonfire. We sipped on those until around 1:45 a.m. and then finally headed home for bed.

The next day I woke up feeling fine—a little groggy at first, but nothing coffee couldn’t fix. I slept in, had a full, hearty breakfast and lounged on a beach all day. I have a feeling a reviving weekend at the beach was more of my hangover cure than these pills.

Elena Childers

Vodka/Beer Drinker: Hoboken Heartache
I left the hipster confines of Bushwick for a Friday night house party on the far side of the Hudson. On weekends, Hoboken is a hotbed of rowdy 20-something clamoring for bar fights, dance floors and $17 vodka sodas. If hangover pills were invented with a city in mind, this is the place.

I started my night with a Guinness and popped all four pills. Then I commenced abusing my body over the course of the next several hours. It might have been that doubt or the (intentionally) incorrect ratios of Smirnoff to orange juice, but boy was I right. Two cups in I was drunk, and three cups in I’d forgotten about the pills altogether. They must have forgotten about me too, drowned in some far corner of my digestive system.

Sure, I drank way too much and didn’t pace myself and devoured a sad bag of Fuego Takis at 3:30 a.m. But I also drank gallons of water and still woke up with my brain thumping the inside of my skull like a Mike Tyson uppercut.

-Joe Virgillito