Faux French - "Baa, Baa, Brown Sheep - Four Furry Friend Coif the Capitol"


This is easily the most delightful idea I’ve ever encountered, and I think I’m speechless. Via Smartplanet.

“PARIS – The sounds of gasoline-powered lawn mowers could soon be entirely replaced by the gentle bleating of hungry farm animals in the French capital. Last week, four sheep have taken up residence outside of the Paris Archives where they will spend the next few weeks trimming the grass. The project is an experiment for launching a more eco-friendly lawn care in Paris while also baiting locals to an often-ignored part of the city.”

I love how this innovative idea boasts a radical and green approach while simultaneously encouraging us to explore an otherwise ignored corner of the city. Read the rest of the article here.

Photo by Bryan Pirolli, originally published in conjunction with the article

Courtesy of Faux French.

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