Doklands - The Stone Roses - Elizabeth My Dear


And so as the queen starts to celebrate her diamond jubilee, the nation looks around in bemusement. Britain is not a nation of republicans, nor is it really a nation of monarchists. We’re mostly just a bit embarrassed by the whole situation. It’s like when someone puts on a song at a party and neglects to tell everyone that it’s the super-extended remix, and everyone else end up circling the hifi for the next 15 minutes waiting to put on the next track. Not that we’re advocating that her maj should drop dead so that someone else can have a go. Nothing so crass. No, it’s the whole institution of the monarchy that makes us cringe. It’s just naff.

No, we don’t want a president either. Can we just not do away with having a head of state all together? That would suit us a lot better. We can come up some other method for deciding who to send to international meetings and pick someone who actually knows what they’re talking about. That would surprise everyone else no end.

Anyway, here’s the Stone Roses from their first album, singing about chopping the queen’s head off or something like that. It’s done to the tune of Scarborough Fair, so you know it’s going to be tasteful. God save ’em.

The Stone Roses – Elizabeth My Dear

via Doklands