Doklands - The Damned - Love Song


The Damned were a preposterous band. Best known for releasing the first UK punk single (New Rose in 1976), they were always prone to a bit of theatricality. On the one hand, that’s quite in keeping with punk being an offshoot of glam rock. On the other, stating that fact was a bit of a heresy at the time, received wisdom being that music was going through a year zero. People were always a bit suspicious of The Damned. They were known to hang out with Motorhead, which would never do. However similar some of the music was, punk and metal were pretty much polar opposite, culturally.

But all of that could be forgotten when they released singles as great as 1979’s Love Song. It opens with one of the great bass riffs, played by Algy Ward. He didn’t last long in the band, not having a daft enough name. Rather a shame, as they could have done with a few more songs like this: 2 minutes long, ethanol-fueled, and threatening to throw a piston rod at any moment.

The Damned – Love Song

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