Doklands - Ewan MacColl - Ballad of Accounting


Did you enjoy the jubilee celebrations? I bet you didn’t enjoy it as much as the stewards for the Thames flotilla. What a patriotic bunch they were. Sure, they may not have actually been paid any money for the work they did. And they may have had to sleep rough under London Bridge. And they may have had to undress in public to change into their uniforms. And they may have been without any sort of toilet facilities. And they may have been threatened with loss of benefits if they didn’t do it. But at least they got free plastic ponchos out of the deal. I wonder how many of them, as Ewan MacColl puts it in Ballad of Accounting, kiss the foot that kicks them.

In this case, the foot belongs to a company called Close Protection UK, and they boot they wear is a steel toecapped bastard. It’s the national boot. We all own a bit of it. This is what we’ve become. Kick those peasants back to the 18th century where they belong, back in the good old days when the underclass couldn’t vote, rather than relying on them not giving a fuck. Maybe you could do your bit: spread the line that voting never changed anything, perhaps tell people that all politicians are as bad as each other. Every little helps. We’ve got to find someone to rob if we’re going to maintain our comfortable lifestyles, and the poor may not have much, but they’ve always been most generous.

Ewan MacColl – Ballad of Accounting

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