Doklands - Black Pus - Kharma Burn


Brian Chippendale is the drummer for Lightning Bolt. When he’s not doing that, which is increasingly the case these days, he sometimes records noise rock under the name Black Pus. Here’s the thing: as part of Lightning Bolt, he’s a fantastic drummer, flailing about all over the place and pulling a cyclone of sound around him. You really would not guess that listening to his Black Pus work – what I’ve heard of it, at least – which uses a far simpler style. I suppose he’s giving the extra space to all the other musical elements, but I miss the muffled busyness.

Anyway, those reservations aside, Kharma Burn is fantastic. This isn’t just a gritty sound. It’s a tornado that has picked up bricks and bits of concrete and is blasting your ears with them. Some top radio static distortion going on here, and the drums actually have a bit of spring and bounce to them. It’s taken from the album Black Pus 4: All Aboard The Magic Pus, which if nothing else is a magnificent title. Still want a new Lightning Bolt album though. (No, that live LP they released 6 copies of doesn’t count.)

Black Pus – Kharma Burn

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