Southern Basil Berry Smash

By Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

Welcome once again to Thirsty Thursday here on Dish + Drink! It has cooled down quite a bit since our mega-hot weekend here in the tri-state area, which has left me longing for weather warm enough for flip-flops and the beach.

In the spirit of the fast approaching summer, I’ve been thinking about my last trip to anywhere with a beach and I recall having one of the best drinks of my life, at the Omni Amelia Island in Amelia Island, Florida.

What you’ll need for their Southern Basil-Berry Smash:

3 oz bourbon
1 oz dry sack sherry
1 oz Cointreau
2-3 basil sprigs
1-2 large strawberries


In a rocks glass, muddle the basil and pulverize the strawberry. Adding ice to the glass is optional. In a shaker, mix the ice, bourbon, sherry, and Cointreau. Shake well. Squeeze the juice from a wedge of lemon into the shaker, then drop in the lemon wedge as well. Shake vigorously. Pour over the strawberries and basil. Garnish with either an orange wedge or a lemon wedge.

I wish I could say that my rendition of this delicious drink is exactly the same or that it’s just as good, but it’s still pretty fantastic! If you want the real thing, you’ll have to fly to Amelia Island and either drink at the hotel bar or dine at the Verandah at the resort.