Water Is Chill

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Nearly every day, bedtime rolls around and I realize that I am severely dehydrated. Although it happens all the time, it never ceases to come as a shock–I bolt frantically to the sink, and either drink straight from the faucet or fill a glass to the brim, chug it, and repeat several times until my thirst is finally quenched.

Clearly, I need to remind myself that although beer and juice and coffee are essential ingredients for a successful, productive, and happy day, water is chill, too.

I love good ol’ H20…but, since it isn’t the flashiest beverage out there, I find myself overlooking its necessity on a regular basis. Perhaps I need some motivation– a daily goal to reach, or a competition to engage in. I could challenge my co-workers to a weekly water wager; whoever drinks the least liters buys booze for the rest of us. (Some subtle subterfuge to ensure that those who drink more alcohol will suffer more sever dehydration in the following days).

No matter which way I go about it, I need to start focusing some energy on getting a sufficient intake of this magic cure-all, this essential elixir for the body and soul, long before I’m about to pass out for the night. Because if not, I’m doomed to a life of headaches and night-peeing. And really, who wants that?