Rose Season

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Spring is right around the corner, and do you know what what means? Rose baby, sweet sweet rose. That pretty pink stuff you can guzzle down with oysters and cupcakes alike.

Like many of my millennial friends, I only discovered the joy of rose fairly recently; I’m not sure I ever quite understood that it was in a league all its own. I always assumed that it was some weird hybrid between red and white wine.

Not so.

Rose incorporates its color from the skin of some of the grapes; the longer the skins are left soaking in the wine, the darker the color becomes. A popular mistake people make is thinking that the more rich in color Roses are, the sweeter they become, and that’s a fallacy that might stop you from tasting some downright delicious wines.

In my opinion, the best way to go about finding your perfect rose is to just taste as many as you can! (The byproduct of this isn’t so bad either, as you’ll find yourself with a healthy buzz throughout your journey).

So grab a chilled bottle of that pink stuff, head outside, and watch the sunset. Spring is in the air!