To Drink Or Not To Drink

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Once every couple of weeks, I quit drinking.

Later that day, I usually decide that it’s about time I pick it up again. Why deprive myself, I don’t have a problem! I’m just a normal twenty-something who likes to have a beer after work!

It’s true, I don’t need to drink every day, but once the opportunity presents itself (as it inevitably does) I find myself leaning towards yay rather than nay. Because, despite the unfortunate hangovers and the promise of an eventual beer gut, the pros tend to outweigh the cons.

I was discussing this with a friend recently, when she remarked that at the end of her day she finds herself salivating over the image of a hefty glass of wine, that she just can’t wait to get home and have something to “take the edge off.”

I kindly suggested to her that that’s exactly the type of thing an alcoholic would say.

It’s a soft alcoholism though, one that doesn’t interfere with day to day activities, or destroy personal relationships–but it’s a relative dependency nonetheless.

Must we be ruled by these elixirs which tempt us into their wanton ways each and every evening?

No, I say, no! I am a creature of free will, I can subsist happily without the Devil’s juice!

But, then again, a crisp Pinot Grigio does sound nice…