Avoiding Your New Years Day Hangover

A hangover on New Years Day seems like an inevitable, if not horribly depressing, beginning to each new year. But 2016 doesn’t have to begin in a shame spiral! How about some well placed strategies for ringing in the new year without a pounding headache, doubled over your toilet, alternating between stale potato chips and flat seltzer.

Start prepping early. Part of avoiding a hangover is never getting one to begin with. Huh? That doesn’t make sense…Or maybe it makes more sense than your drunk-ass could possibly understand…

Meat protein: Don’t go vegetarian on your New Year’s Eve dinner (unless you’re a vegetarian, in which case stop reading my column because I hate you. Just kidding.) But seriously, to soak up all that alcohol, try eating a niiiiice big steak before you take your first sip of Champagne.

Fine, eat vegetables too: Apparently vitamins rich in Vitamin B (like beets, and leafy greens), give your pancreas a little extra help digesting the excess of sugars that are packed into your boozey treats. So choke down some Kale.

Pedialyte: You might remember this old favorite from when you got sick when you were a kid. It’s marketed as is used to replenish lost electrolytes from, ahem, unfortunate bodily functions associated with an upset stomach. It works for hangovers too, both as a remedy and a preventative. (And it’s better for you than chugging a pint of Gatorade.)

Milk thistle: Yes, this is a thing. And no, it is not a tiny-thimble-full of milk, which is what I imagined when I first heard the name. Rather, it is an herbal supplement that helps your liver metabolize and rid your body of alcohol more quickly than it could on its own.

Water: Don’t be stupid. Drink water. Drink more water than you think you need. Drink water until it flows uncontrollably from your eyes, in the form of sweet sweet tears which mark the end of yet another year gone by the wayside.

Featured photo courtesy of Antoine K.